Four reporting measures in the ESRD Quality Incentive Program would be eliminated under a proposed rule released by CMS on July 11.

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The four measures involve tracking health care personnel Influenza vaccinations, assessing pain levels in patients on dialysis, monitoring anemia and monitoring serum phosphorus levels.

 Proposals for the PY 2021 ESRD QIP

Removal of Four Reporting Measures: We propose removing four Reporting measures from the PY 2021 ESRD QIP’s measure set to align with the Meaningful Measures Initiative. Our rationale for removing these four measures is based on the factor “The cost associated with a measure outweighs the benefit of its continued use in the program”. The four Reporting measures that we propose removing are:

  • Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination,
  • Pain Assessment and Follow-Up,
  • Anemia Management, and
  • Serum Phosphorus.

The proposals to remove these measures are consistent with CMS’ commitment to using a smaller set of more meaningful measures. CMS is focusing on measures that provide opportunities to reduce both paperwork and reporting burden on providers and patient-centered outcome measures, rather than process measures. To accomplish these goals, CMS is proposing to adopt a new measure removal factor and to update the ESRD QIP Program’s measure set.

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